In addition to career and family commitments, in 2012 I was working my way up the international ranks as a competitive bobsleigh pilot. After posting some podium finishes while racing for Canada on the FIBT Americas Cup circuit, I decided to focus my hard work and build a plan for making the jump to the next level of competition. Since fueling your body is a large factor in athletic performance, I began down the path of researching nutrition and the effects of foods on the human body.

Unfortunately, the outcome of this was that I needed to stop eating pretty much every tasty treat that I liked from the local grocery store! Rather than giving up the foods that I enjoy, I decided to apply my knowledge of nutrition in an innovative way to come up with recipes that would satisfy both my taste AND nutrition needs. Trying to reduce sugars, grains and starchy carbs, I began to experiment with healthy fats, protein, raw and organic ingredients. Through trial and error, tweaking and tasting, I was able to come up with a few creations that I thought were really good.

In early 2013, thanks to some good motherly advice, I entered one of my favorite desserts into the Recipe To Riches reality TV show. It was the first season that the show would be carried on CBC, after a move from The Food Network. I had not considered myself a serious amateur chef or baker, but I thought it could be fun to try it out anyhow. This began a whirlwind tour of flights, auditions, interviews and filming. In the end, my CoCoNutNut bars made it to the top three desserts in Canada. They were the first recipe featured on the first episode of the show that aired on CBC.



I was definitely taken back by the reaction my CoCoNutNut bars were getting on social media. After the show had aired, there was a huge interest in trying and buying my treats. Apparently, there is a large movement towards foods with the health concepts that are the foundation for my recipes. Like me, people wanted healthy foods for themselves and their families. This was a large factor in the creation of Premium Health Foods.

The concept behind the business is to simply fill a market demand. We do not want to change how people eat, or push them to make different choices. We believe that that change is already well under way. The mission of Premium Health Foods is to provide consumers the opportunity to eat sugar free, grain free, starchy carb free, all natural foods WITHOUT sacrificing their enjoyment of the food, or the time it takes out of busy lives to prepare them from scratch.

Brad Reinsch

Premium Health Foods